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Regulations and codes of practice

The CMP sits under a facility’s overarching environmental management plan (EMP), codes of practice, and other relevant policies. These documents should outline the relevant regulations that must be complied with for waste treatment and disposal.

As part of a poultry facility’s licence to operate, on-farm composting facilities must comply with all government environmental regulations, but they are not usually regulated separately from the farm businesses under which they operate. Unlike commercial composting facilities, on-farm composting operations are not classified as licensed operations or ‘scheduled premises’. Exceptions to this general rule may apply if an on-farm operation:

  • Plans to take in a significant proportion of waste for composting from other sources (e.g. other farms, agribusiness or municipalities). This would apply if the poultry facility provides a regular waste disposal service for other businesses or municipalities.
  • ‘Value adds’ to the end-product for the commercial market (by pelletising or bagging the compost), and
  • Actively markets the end-product rather than disposing of it ‘as required’ or casually.

To determine which specific regulations might be needed, check with the relevant state-based environmental or agricultural authority and local government department before proceeding.

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