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ABARES—Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences

ACGC—Australian Chicken Growers Council

AEL—Australian Eggs Ltd

AHA—Animal Health Australia

AHC—Animal Health Committee

AI—avian influenza

AUSVETPLAN—Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan

BIOMASS—All organic material that may be the subject of disposal

CCEAD—Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Disease

EAD—emergency animal disease

EADRA—Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement

EADRP—Emergency Animal Disease Response Plan

EPA—Environmental Protection Agency

GIS—geospatial information system

HPAI—Highly pathogenic avian influenza

IBDV—infectious bursal disease virus

MCAS-S—Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support tool

NASOP—Nationally Agreed Standard Operating Procedures

ND—Newcastle disease

OACVO—Office of the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer

SOP—standard operating procedure

vvIBD—very virulent infectious bursal disease virus

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