The purpose of the Work health and safety induction in a biosecurity emergency response course is to increase awareness of the main safety issues in a control centre and the field during a biosecurity emergency response.

This course provides a basic work health and safety (WH&S) induction to personnel who will be working in a biosecurity emergency response. Its contents have been divided into:

  • a general induction (core module)
  • working in a control centre (elective module)
  • working in field operations (elective module)
  • working on infected premises (elective module).

Although all elective modules are available to learners, most learners will only need to complete one elective before entering a response.

This course is recommended for any personnel, industry or government, entering a biosecurity emergency response and should be completed before they arrive at the control centre or conduct response activities.

This course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

For more information and to enrol, visit Animal Health Australia’s online training courses.