EAD (emergency animal disease) foundation course

The purpose of the EAD (emergency animal disease) foundation course is to inform learners about how EAD responses are managed in Australia, and to give a foundation for further training in EAD response functions. The course content is divided into two parts.

Part 1 covers:

  • EAD awareness
  • Australia’s EAD response arrangements, including the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA)
  • Australian Veterinary Emergency Plan (AUSVETPLAN)
  • phases of an EAD response.

Part 2 covers:

  • incident management system principles
  • control and coordination centres
  • working in an EAD response
  • communication and information management in an EAD response.

For more information and to enrol in this and other EAD-related courses visit Animal Health Australia online training courses.