Poultry Health Skill Set

The Poultry Health Skill Set (AHCSS00055) qualification is for poultry farm and hatchery workers.

The units of competency in this skill set are:

1. Implement animal health control programs
2. Euthanase livestock
3. Administer medication to livestock
4. Carry out post-mortem examination of livestock
5. Comply with industry welfare requirements
6. Implement and monitor biosecurity measures in poultry production.

These units provide credit towards the Certificate III in Poultry Production.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) approved to deliver this skill set are:

– 4 Up Skilling Pty Ltd
– CHM Alliance Pty Ltd
– Independent Institute – IIFP Pty Ltd
– National Food Institute Pty Ltd

More information about the Poultry Health Skill Set is available from training.gov.au