Effective stunning and slaughter of poultry

Effective stunning and slaughter of poultry is a welfare workshop focused on effective stunning and slaughter. It is designed for chicken meat processing employees (team leaders, QA and QC personnel) with responsibilities for managing and monitoring the stunning and slaughter process. The workshop also provides useful refresher training for Animal Welfare Officers who have previously completed the Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set (AWOSS – Poultry).

The purpose of the workshops is to discuss:

– Stunning and slaughter parameters and the impact on welfare and quality in your processing plant
– Techniques for improving animal welfare and product quality
– Current compliance and customer requirements as they relate to the stunning and slaughter process

The workshop is delivered by Dr Leisha Hewitt (Livestock Welfare), Adjunct Lecturer, School of Veterinary Science, Adelaide University. It is aligned to the national accredited unit of competency AMPA2006 Apply animal welfare and handling requirements.

The workshops are organised on demand, to register your interest in participating in future workshops please click ‘Register now’.