Best practice litter management manual for Australian meat chicken farms

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Abbreviations and definitions

ACMF—Australian Chicken Meat Federation

ABS—Australian Bureau of Statistics

Acid—See below definition of pH

ACT—Australian Capital Territory

BSE—bovine spongiform encephalopathy

COPD—chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

DAF—Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

DDE—dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, a chemical compound formed by the loss of hydrogen chloride from DDT


DEC WA—Department of Environment and Conservation Western Australia

DPIWE—Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, Tasmania

EPA SA—Environment Protection Authority South Australia

EPA VIC—Environment Protection Authority Victoria

FPD—foot pad dermatitis

GHG—greenhouse gas

HHV—higher heating value





NMP—nutrient management plan

NRMMC—Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council

NSW—New South Wales

NSW DPI—New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

NSW EPA—New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority

ODTS—organic dust toxic syndrome

pH—A logarithmic scale from 0–14, where 7.0 is neutral, that measures the concentration of hydrogen to determine how acidic (below 7.0) or alkaline (above 7.0) a substance is.


RAM—restricted animal material

RIRDC—Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (now trading as AgriFutures Australia)

SA—South Australia

STEL—short term exposure limit


TWA—time weighted average

USA—United States of America


VFS—vegetative filter strip


VS—volatile solids

WA—Western Australia

WH&S—workplace health and safety

WPSA—World Poultry Science Association

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